Welding Engineering and Consulting Service  


Welding Engineering - Consulting Service

MGSplus welding engineers gather experience from various industry sectors. We can be involved in pre-production, production and post-production stage. We are familiar with unique code and standards such as EN, ASME, API, EEMUA, Norske Veritas.


We combine years of experience with the newest best practices. Our goal is to identify the problem and provide solutions to enhance the customer capabilities. 


Main Welding Engineering activities:


- Welding Repairs and Root Cause Analyses - Consulting Service
- Assessment of contract documentation & design reviews
- Technical advice on welding and fabrication
- Identify the most effective welding process for producing sound weldments
- Writing the pWPS and specifying the test piece type and dimensions
- Preparation of welding procedures and qualification testing of welders
- Develop WPS, provide information on required test coupons for qualification
- Technical representation at meetings with client
- Technical assessment of subcontractors
- Training and tailored courses
- Supervision of welding activities
- Review of welding documentation, we are specialized in ASME IX
- PWHT, considerations for different temperatures


Welding Inspection


- Visual inspection and non-destructive testing
- Welding coordination tasks and responsibilities EN ISO 14731
- QA/QC procedures ISO 3834
- NDT, including DyePenetrant, MPI, and Visual Welding Inspection
- UT and RT on request


Subcontracted Welding Engineer


For the companies that want to qualify for ISO 3834 and EN1090, there is a necessity to employ Welding Engineer. In order to optimize the costs, MGSplus can assist in providing qualified welding engineering support on a subcontract basis. 


Additive Manufacturing (AM) 3d Printing Processes


We are following the newest manufacturing trends and therefore, we keep a close look at the development and capabilities of Additive Manufacturing AM (3D printing mt) processes for engineering materials with the focus on metallic materials.


Additive manufacturing metal 3D printing is not a future anymore, there is plenty of application were AM value can add a significant value to a product.


We can help companies investigate the possibilities to utilize  Additive Manufacturing (AM) to enhance the production capabilities, develop a new product, innovate to find an AM value.


Research and Development





Our approach is to provide comprehensive and tailor-made services to meet your demands. We listen to your needs and suit services. 




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