Our passion for welding brought us to deal with in-service welding repairs of aged plants and equipment


Onsite expert during plant shutdowns

Our most skilled engineers with comprehensive knowledge of metallurgy, welding repairs, quality requirements, code and standards, fabrication and project planning can be available as onsite site experts during plant shutdowns and turnarounds.


We are good at rapid problem solving and ensuring required quality. 


Our goal is to take you smoothly through the project so your plant can create a larger profit.  


As an independent partner, we share a fresh view so that together we can foresee and avoid unnecessary problems and project overdue. 


However, if the problem will appear we are specializing in rapid solving of it. We come with a global network that can be employed whenever necessary. In the meantime, we can have a look at the subcontractors to ensure that the quality is as required. 


We are capable to provide an engineering solution to the most challenging welding repair problems


Our approach is to provide comprehensive and tailor-made services to meet your demands. We listen to you and suit services. 




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